Macroscan - Studio apartment

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Reference quality photogrammetry scan of a studio apartment that can be viewed in VR at full size with excellent texture detail. Despite the usual scan artifacts the asset is great for use as a background or environment or for researching photogrammetry use in VR. There are 44 x 8k textures set to unlit so that the colour values come through properly - this is particularly important for VR. Please note the insect scan is NOT included!

To see the scan properly tone-mapping must be disabled using - ShowFlag.Tonemapper 0

(tone-mapping will be disabled automatically on play from the level blueprint).

****IMPORTANT - The supplied files are in an Unreal project (version 4.22) - the asset can be exported as an FBX if required. ****

  • Size
    2.78 GB
  • size
  • texture qty
  • texture resolution
  • vert count
  • Size2.78 GB
  • size2.9GB
  • texture qty44
  • texture resolution8192
  • vert count2M
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Macroscan - Studio apartment

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